Carpet Steam Cleaning in London


Carpet Steam Cleaning

In order to maintain the overall hygiene of your home, it is crucial that you opt for professional carpet cleaning services. Carpets are home to several microorganisms like dust mites that create many health problems such as asthma and other allergic reactions. Therefore, if you wish to make your home a clean and healthy place, it is highly recommended to select our carpet cleaning services for London. You can select our carpet steam cleaning service to effectively clean your carpets and remove microorganisms. We use professional cleaning machines from Prochem that ensure deep clean within the inner layers of your rug or carpet.

  • Dry time is about 4 hours for the carpet to completely dry
  • We are using Prochem products and machines - the best on the market

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We are professionally trained to move your furniture (beds, wardrobe, cabinets etc.). We will move most furnitures that can be safely moved and are not too heavy. After the cleaning is completed, including under the furnitures, we will return it to its rightful place.

We take utmost care of your carpets and rugs and have a wealth of experience when it comes to carpet cleaning and removing stubborn stains. You can call us right away if an accident takes place and we will send a professional carpet cleaner at once. We use only the best cleaning detergents available in the market because we don't compromise quality. We firmly believe in protecting the environment and your family from hazardous cleaning products.

Our effective carpet cleaning methods ensure to remove visible dust and grime along with deodorising and disinfecting your carpets. Before applying our effective cleaning methods, we extensively assess the carpet's nature and textile to decide upon the best possible cleaning method. Regardless of what types of stains are on your carpet, our cleaning techniques will revive it back to its brand new state. We possess 8 years of cleaning experience and are certified carpet cleaners, so you can rest assured that your carpets and rugs will be in safe and professional hands.


Carpet Steam Cleaning London Price
Room £25
Living Room / Lounge (standard size) £30
Hallway (up to 6 meters) £15
Landing £5
Bathroom / WC £5
Stairs (per stair) £2
Rug (depending on size) £15
Sofa cleaning £15 per seat
Mattress cleaning £15 per side
Armchair cleaning £15
Curtains cleaning £30 (depending on size)

The minimum wage is £60.
Those prices include all the products we are going to use.
Congestion charge and parking fees are not included.